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ICU Sensor System is an intriguing resource designed for business management decision-making process.

ICU Sensor System is a visual tool
which gives clear visibility
into various processes occurring within a store or a facility.

The reports and graphical data provide insight into customers’ behavior. Identifying these behavior patterns help management improve Key Performance Indicators (KPI).

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By using ICU Sensor System, ownership benefit from the improvement of several KPI’s such as:

  • Sales per Hour
  • Average Sales
  • Items per Sale
  • Conversion Rate
  • Wage to Sales Ratio.

ICU Sensor System helps management to make the necessary decisions through identifying these basic requirements and business related behavior patterns of customers. The system ensures this output by providing essential reports and maps which are designed to track crowd behavior patterns in the facility.

Why is ICU Sensor System so effective?

This system is remarkably direct and simplistic in its output of a complex analysis. It strives to provide essential reports graphically, which directly help managerial decisions. Major factor in considering the integration of ICU Sensor System is its cost effectiveness. Today, ICU Sensor System is the most cost effective tool providing such multifaceted functionality.
ICU sensors are easily installed throughout the facility. The system’s server gathers data wirelessly. This data is then analyzed through ICU proprietary algorithms to generate reports and graphs for each location.

The following data is gathered and analyzed through the ICU Sensor System:

Shoppers Density changes

Count of shoppers

Passed Vs. Stopped

Attention and dwell time

Shopper tracking



Technology (Patent pending)

The hardware is an array of
wireless hybrid sensor nodes.

The sensor nodes consist of ultrasonic
and passive infrared technologies.

These sensors collect data and wirelessly
report to a central server where the
information is then analyzed by the
ICU Proprietary Fusion Software.

The essence of the software is to generate precise target locations for the purpose of tracking the location of those targets as a function of time.
This data is the foundation for the report generator, color-coded maps creation and search engine.

The users access the data through a secure connection.
While each store has access to its own location, a chain of stores can be monitored from a central location as well.

This breakthrough technology introduced by ICU Sensor System is made possible by utilizing our proprietary sensor. A small, stand-alone, highly capable wireless sensor unit. The Sensor units are designed to collect and transmit the data required for generating the management reports.


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ICU Sensor system is a cloud service, there is no need to purchase or maintain any hardware, ICU sensor installs and maintains the system nodes.


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